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AC Power Supply 100M

Requires use with Adapter Box or Control Console (input voltage 200-240V)
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CHASING AC Power Supply

The CHASING AC Power Supply is specially designed for CHASING M2 PRO. Used with the CHASING Control Console or CHASING Adapter Box, it enables the ROV to support a mixture of AC power and battery power for extended operating time.


Continuous Power Supply, Long-Lasting Operation

When the working power of ROV is less than 250W, ROV can be supplied long-lasting operation by AC Power Supply System.

4-core AC Cable in Either 100m/200m Lengths

The 4-core AC cable provides communication and power supply capabilities for the underwater ROV up to a maximum of 200 meters.

Highly Portable and Easy to Transport

CHASING AC Power Supply comes equipped with a winder with pull rod and scroll wheels that are highly portable and easy to transport.


118 x 148.5 mm



≈1200 g



Input AC200-240V, Output DC25.2V 10A







AC power supply module


AC power tether & winder


AC power cord


AC mounting module (including docking station)


AC mounting feet


Docking station mounting support


AC power tether hanging buckle


M6x15 round head thumb screws


M3x8 Screw


16x1.8 O-ring


11.5x1.5 O-ring


Information packet