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CHASING CM600 (25 meter version)

Manufacturer: CHASING
CHASING CM600 Robotic Pool Cleaner is an automatic robotic cleaner developed by CHASING for all pool shapes. Sparing the trouble of drainage, CHASING CM600 enables you to easily address various challenges in underwater cleaning through intelligent control via its app.
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With CHASING S-Clean technology, CHASING CM600 Robotic Pool Cleaner can operate in the regular path mode suitable for cleaning square anc-shaped swimming pools, fully eliminating debris from the floor and every cornerand achieving efficient cleaning. It can also operate in therandom path mode suitable for cleaning circular and irregular-shaped swimming pools. In addition, it can automatically avoid obstacles and getunstuck (turning around, steering, and backtracking).

With the CHASING S-Climb technology, CHASING CM600 Robotic Pool Cleaner can automatically detect the walls, steps, slopes, and other obstacles in a pool, offering excellent wall climbing capabilities for further cleaning. Under Waterline mode, the robotic pool cleaner can best exhibit its unbeatable wall climbing and impressively efficient cleaning capabilities when vertically cleaning walls.

With the overall hydrodynamic design, CHASING CM600 Robotic Pool Cleaner can effectively eliminate cleaning spins and avoid lifting sediments from the floor, thus improving cleaning performance.

Powered by a CHASING brushless custom motor, CHASING CM600 Robotic Pool Cleaner will not generate sparks while operating. With less interference, smoother operation, and more stable and reliable power output, the cleaner can serve longer.

CHASING CM600 Robotic Pool Cleaner is equipped with dual suction pumps, doubling the suction power. With customized axial-flow pump blades, CHASING CM600 allows for super-efficient water filtration, effectively guaranteeing cleaning performance.

Active brushes can generate strong friction at a speed higher than that of the wheel track tire. This allows for more efficient cleaning of the dirt on the floor, walls, and water lines with higher cleaning capacity.

CHASING CM600 Robotic Pool Cleaner is designed with a double-layer filter. The inner filter bag filters coarse sand, leaves, stones, and other types of impurities in large particles. The outer filter sheet filters sludge, dander, grease, and other smaller debris. Double-layer filtration offers better cleaning performance.

Cables are connected by an anti-tangle swivel, which greatly reduces the risk of cable tangling during the movement of CHASING CM600 Robotic Pool Cleaner.

CHASING CM600 Robotic Pool Cleaner can be remotely controlled via its app, providing features such as scheduled cleaning (timed/delayed) and unattended operations, as well as acontrollable and lag-free manual cleaning mode. You can tap and pick up the device via its app or the control box, removing it from a pool effortlessly.

The capacity of the filter canister is 6 liters, large enough to meet all your needs. To clean the dirt stored in the filter canister, you only need to open the cleaning compartment with just one tap to regularly clean the canister.