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Manufacturer: CHASING
CHASING F1 is a hi-tech digital full HD wireless fish finder drone with remote control designed for all types of fishing. F1 provides you with intelligent information about the underwater terrain, surroundings, other objects underneath, the location of fish masses, and the position of fish in water.
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  Applicable to All Types of Fishing

  • Take the hook to the predetermined fishing point

  • Mount the bait boat or sonar ball

  • Assist night fishing with Infrared light

  • Detect distribution of fish schools and their species in real-time

  • Adjust the float depth according to the returned depth readings

  • Observe underwater environment to avoid hanging up

  • Recording fishing spots and automatic cruise with GPS

  • Live stream or video-record the fishing process

    CHASING F1 has a vector layout propulsion system with four thrusters, which can achieve multiple-freedom motion. The all-directional horizontal movements controlled through APP make finding fish faster and more accurately.

    CHASING F1 can be mounted such spherical sonars as Deeper and Lucky, and attached bait boat that can drop off the nest bait with one click on the APP. In addition, the fish finder drone has built-in tele-communication and power supply interfaces, which can support more accessories.

    CHASING F1 fishing camera has built-in Sony stellar sensor, which supports 1080P videos/2M pixel photos. With Infrared Light, even in dark environment, the visual range can reach up to 1 meter, and the fishing process can be monitored and video-recorded clearly.

    The camera detector can be controlled by APP using built-in automatic reel, and the maximum depth range is 20 meters. The detector will shoot vertically but when it hits the bottom, it will adjust to the horizontal direction. The camera angles can be observed in real-time as to quickly monitor the location of fishes.

    The camera detector with built-in depth and temperature sensors can deliver images, real-time readings of depth and temperature back to the app interface through WiFi.

    F1 fish finder has GPS function, which supports maintaining position, tracking, multiple fishing spots recording, automatic cruise between fishing locations and one key return. If the remote control distance is exceeded, F1 will automatically return to the original set point of return.

    4800mAh lithium battery can last up to 6 hours. It is replaceable and can extend working hours as needed.

    • 30 Meters

      Effective WiFi distance

    • 20 Meters

      Maximum working depth

    • -10℃~45℃

      Operating temperature

    • 4~6 Hours


    Built-in 32G pluggable Micro SD memory card, maximum supports 256G, is convenient for you to download and share images and videos anytime, anywhere.

        F1 allows users to upload and broadcast video content to their audience to Youtube and other major live streaming platforms and supports one-  key photo/video sharing to social platforms.