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CHASING Circular Claw

Requires use with Grabber Arm 2
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CHASING CM600 (25 meter version)

CHASING CM600 Robotic Pool Cleaner is an automatic robotic cleaner developed by CHASING for all pool shapes. Sparing the trouble of drainage, CHASING CM600 enables you to easily address various challenges in underwater cleaning through intelligent control via its app.


CHASING E-Reel is easy to use, it can retract the tether within 3-9 minutes


CHASING F1 is a hi-tech digital full HD wireless fish finder drone with remote control designed for all types of fishing. F1 provides you with intelligent information about the underwater terrain, surroundings, other objects underneath, the location of fish masses, and the position of fish in water.

CHASING Grabber Arm 2

CHASING Grabber Arm 2 with a standard two-jaw clamp is a replaceable robotic arm developed for CHASING underwater drones.
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CHASING Grabber Claw A

The small and easy-to-install CHASING Grabber Claw A has an adjustable grabbing force of up to 7 kg and is suitable for multiple uses such as sampling detection.