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M2 Carry Case

Manufacturer: CHASING
CHASING Carrying Case
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CHASING Carrying Case has the design process of military-police protection structure which can also receive CHASING M2, E-Reel, Grabber Claw, optional battery, etc., providing one-stop solution for the storage of products and various optional accessories.

The carrying case is made of modified PP alloy material, which can resist low temperature of -40℃, and it can be used in the environment of -20℃ ~ 60℃ for a long time. It has IK08 impact resistance level, which is well good for prevent deformation caused by impact.

The front part of the case is equipped with an automatic exhaust valve with a sealing ring. It is made of permeable non-woven fabric, which can automatically adjust the pressure difference inside and outside the case while waterproof, making it easy to open and close the case body. There is also a mute spring lock, which is easy to operate with one hand and can prevent the case from opening when it falls down.

The pull rod is of high strength aluminum alloy structure. There has 2 wide nylon polyurethane rollers under the bottom, and supported by stainless steel bearings, ultra high bearing capacity.

Three-handle design, even in the outdoor inconvenience to use the rod under the circumstances, but also easy to transport the case.

The case has military-police protection structure,and the top cover and the bottom of case has a sponge, which can enhance protection and light practical. Preset anti-theft keyhole to provide additional security.


  • Carrying Case

    • Material

      • Modified PP alloy material
    • Boundary Dimension

      • 560 x 455 x 365 mm
    • Internal Dimension

      • 517 x 39 x 329 mm
    • Cover Depth

      • 51 mm
    • Bottom Depth

      • 278 mm
    • Design Protection Grade

      • IP67
    • Design Impact Resistance

      • IK08